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Makertum MK1 – 230/110 V~ 3D Printer Heated Bed

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We found ourselves waiting too long for our RepRap heated beds to heat up, struggling to reach printing temperature while maxing out bulky, expensive and lossy power supplies. So we made a better one, the Makertum MK1 mains voltage heated bed.

The Makertum MK1 is a mains voltage heated bed for 3D printers with dual voltage support (230/110 V~), 500 W of heat output, 2 minutes heatup time (110 °C), power indicator LED and onboard thermal fuse.

Public Beta

Note: The Makertum MK1 is not available anymore.
The Makertum MK1 is currently available to skilled beta testers all over the world.

The beta testing hardware kit


Schematics and BOM can be found on GitHub, extensive assembly instructions are maintained on

About beta testing

In the beta testing phase, we’ll give out 15 hardware prototype kits to interested beta testers. Beta testers are kindly asked for a contribution of $39 (incl. SSR) or $32 (w/o SSR) plus shipping to obtain a hardware kit. We know that’s something you don’t see when beta testing in the software world, so to smoothen things a little, beta testers will get a 50% discount on a PCB from the final production line of the heated beds.

Who can beta test?

You need to own a compatible 3D printer. Besides that, everybody with sufficient knowledge about mains voltage electrical wiring and mains voltage safety precautions can take part in the beta testing. However, you’ll have to agree to a legal liability disclaimer that leaves you with the full responsibility of all your actions and all the outcomes when testing the prototype.

How to get in

You can now get the kit it in the shop.

Why mains?

There are some nice benefits of a mains voltage PCB heated bed:

  • high power output
  • cheap (no need for costly PSUs)
  • lightweight (no aluminium plate needed like in silicone heater pad solutions)
  • handy (reduces weight and size of printer due to smaller PSU)
  • versatile (any printing surface my be installed on top of it)
  • highly efficient (about 10 % less electricity cost over MK2+PSU with typ. eff. 90%)


This implementation comes with a few more extra features:

  • super fast heatup time (about 10 times faster than the common MK2)
  • 230 and 110 V~ support
  • power indicator LED covered by tough transparent polycarbonate
  • no thermal breathing / flex due to double sided layout
  • compatible with RepRap MK hole spacing of 209 mm center-to-center
  • extra mounting holes for three point leveling


We did everything to make this the safest heated bed available:

  • fully insulated screw terminals
  • thermal fuse prevents overheating
  • current fuse prevents overcurrent
  • made from temperature resistant FR4
  • thorough stress testing on every manufactured batch


Power Output 500 W (230 V~) or 460 (110 V~) (beta version may differ)
Operating Voltage 230 V~ (110 V~ over center tap)
Resistance: 106 Ω (beta version may differ)
Trace-Length 400 x 200 mm = 80,000 mm
Copper thickness (on PCB) 1oz aka 1.37 mil aka 35 µm
Trace width 0.37 mm
Dimensions (WxHxT) 214x214x1.6 mm (w/o screw terminals) 214x224x1.6 mm (w. screw terminals)
Mounting Holes 209 mm center-to-center (RepRap compatible) + 3-point leveling

Open Source

The Makertum MK1 heated bed is released under CC-BY-NC-SA license.

3 thoughts on “Makertum MK1 – 230/110 V~ 3D Printer Heated Bed

  1. Any chance you will offer a 300×200 bed?

    1. Can’t rule that out!

  2. I am looking for a heated bed that can go to a temperature of 180 deg C. Do you have an option for that? What is the maximum temperature your heated beds can go to and how long will it take to reach that temperature?

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