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Interlocking, non-planar layer FDM

Interlocking, non-planar layer FDM (layer highlighted)

A project I’m pursuing since a while now. The idea is to use interlocking, non-planar layers to turn layer tension stress (=weakness of FDM) into layer shearing and compression stress (strength of FDM). Since localmotors seems to be looking for a way to generate stronger parts, I ran the Strati through the gcode postprocessor I’ve been writing a few years ago to demonstrate the technique.

I’ve done a few test prints with this, and yepp, it can be done. Since the nozzle stays within the non-planar but also non-intersecting layers at all times, there are no collisions or whatsoever. However, the maximum “wavyness”, respective amplitude of the waves is dependent on the pointyness of the nozzle and the clearance around it.

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