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Interlocking, non-planar layer FDM

Interlocking, non-planar layer FDM (layer highlighted)

A project I’m pursuing since a while now. The idea is to use interlocking, non-planar layers to turn layer tension stress (=weakness of FDM) into layer shearing and compression stress (strength of FDM). Since localmotors seems to be looking for a way to generate stronger parts, I ran the Strati through the gcode postprocessor I’ve been writing a few years ago to demonstrate the technique.

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UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace GmbH versus Makercommunity [UPDATE 5]


On April, 30. I received the following tweet:

Hey @TU_Muenchen, why is your start-up center trying to register “Maker Space” as trademark?

originally by Peter:

Oh, oh, startup-center, shame on TU!

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