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Socket for the ESP8266 module

2015-04-24 13.35.52

This article covers a socket for the very famous ESP-8266 module, in particular the ESP-07, since a breadboard friendly socket might come in really handy, wouldn’t it? Yes, y not somebody make a really nice one?

The socket should hold a ESP-07 module, whereas the module’s of course supposed to snap in and out easily. Springy contact pins were supposed to make contact to the half moon solderpads of the module. So I sat down to OpenSCAD and build the following:


This tray should then be completed by some 0.5 mm wire..


..where the contact pins would be springy movable in the long holes at the bottom of the socket. To avoid short circuits between the springy movable pins and the pcb traces underneath, I addes some spacers:



The spacers can be used to offset the socket from the PCB.

2015-04-24 11.10.18

That’s where 3d printing comes in: It prints out fine with a 0.4 mm nozzle, even though the fine details suggest a finer nozzle.

2015-04-24 11.09.43

After some iterations I got the fit just perfect.

Snap in the module into the programmer, flash it, snap it out from the programmer, snap it into your application. That’s it.

Use it for your applications, it’s OpenSCAD source and STL files can be found on GitHub.