Bytearray Maker

This little script turns your jpg, png or whateverso image into arduino compatible bytearrays, so they can be used in all kinds of lcd, oled, microcontroller projects.

It’s proven to work with any Arduino and Adafruits GFX Library. Try it out and feedback if you like, it’s still rudimentary.

If you have to convert many pictures, the workflow is: load the picture, hit “cmd+c” (Mac) or “ctrl+c” (Windows) and paste the code wherever you intend to use it.

Load image

Image preview

Bytearray Output

2 thoughts on “Bytearray Maker

  1. A handy bit of Java! Since this sort of thing vanishes from the web without notice, I was wondering if you could send me a free standing html file that I could use and/or distribute. I would only change the ‘B’ to ‘0b’ and remove the space between bytes to make the array look closer to the screen image. A bit of advertising would be fine.
    Thanks Rich

    1. Hi Rich,

      thanks, glad it turned out to be useful for you. It’s not going to disappear, no worries. If you want to, you may of course use the JavaScript source for your own purpose. It’s just a few lines, just check out the source of this page.


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